• Where to begin to thank Kim for the greatest gift of life she so freely gives? It is the gift of stretching towards and reaching growth – growth lived and felt by every fiber of one’s body, and which can then blossom in every other area of life, too. She so delightfully embodies that which she teaches, and this is the true essence of a teacher. Kim teaches by example, by skill, by energy, by love, by joy and so much more, including realness. Her eyes are wells of playful generosity. Her words – and her silence – are also rich in meaning. Her youth belies her wisdom, which is profound and yet, or therefore, simple and pure. Kim has inspired me to embark on a journey that is already proving to be a turning point in my life. I am emerging from our 4/5-day retreat with a sense of amazing richness and overwhelming power and beauty. I will forever resonate with what I have learned from Kim and our retreat in Gavorrano, Italy. P.S. Kimi is also such a blast (and a mind-blowing singer)!

    SCOTT (from Hannover, Germany)
  • Kim is a wonderful person. She’s full of energy, is not afraid to go with the flow, and has a lot of love to give. She’s been all around the world, has lived amazing experiences, and feels wiser than her age would make you think. That doesn’t mean she’s not a crazy hippie, and that’s awesome.

    NICOLAS (from Nice, France)

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