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I end up being confused by my own timeline a lot. When was I where on the globe?

In this podcast my friend Milton helps me to get my own timelines straight while we talk about my experiences as a traveller. We cover topics such as saving money to travel, Japan, karate, life goals, yoga, motorcycle travels, ultra-low-budget travel, fear, kindness, attitude, logistics and more.

‘This podcast must be very confusing. One thing going into the other. It’s all over the place.’ 

‘Well, that’s your life. It was like that.’ 

‘Everything is mixed up. It doesn’t make sense, but in a way it does. Anyway, I am enjoying it. So it’s fine.’ 

Kimi is a true student of life. Trying to find out first hand as much as she can and learning from those around her through sharing past experiences whenever possible. She takes the world on with a smile, both the good and the bad, for all of it combined that teaches us compassion and ultimately enables us to understand one another. Full of energy and love for her fellow man, she strives to bring smiles to those she comes into contact with. Kimi is convinced that happiness is not just for the lucky ones, and she wants to spread joy with her example.
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