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Morning Rituals and your daily habits

Getting up in the morning can be quite difficult for some of us. We admit that we don’t always get up as easy and fresh as we would like to. Having a morning ritual can surely help you to activate and start your day. It can actually make a huge difference for whatever you do in the morning sets the tone of your whole day. In the previous blog we mentioned some foods and drinks to avoid in the early hours. Now, telling you what not to eat or to do is the easy part of course. So let’s get a little bit deeper into what TO DO!

Instead of allowing our mornings to continue as a mindless act, we can choose to become more aware of our actions. Staying present when you prepare you food and also when it’s time to indulge. We won’t deny, it isn’t always easy to change your habits. However, if something is repeated enough times, you create a new habit. Perhaps, a more healthy variation compared with your previous morning ritual. In these blogs we share some recipes that we hope will help you on your way.

We know that enjoying a warm breakfast is advisable for anyone, but not everyone has the same digestive needs. All bodies are different after all! Some people thrive best eating a light soup in the morning and are then satisfied for half a day. Others won’t last half a morning on it and need a bit more filling to make it until lunchtime. Making one warm breakfast can be challenging if you have both types of people in your household (like us!).

Starting your day with soup is one of the easiest ways we found to integrate a warm meal in your morning ritual. Adding toast or even better croutons to the soup makes it suitable for both types of people. So even those who wouldn’t make it till lunch would be satisfied. Next to that you can prepare the soup in advance and in large portions. Freezing it in portions for later so that you don’t have to eat the same soup every day and reheating an appropriate amount at breakfast so it only takes a few minutes to prepare. It’s so easy! Everyone can enjoy this delicious start of the day.

‘Orange Goodness’ Pumpkin Soup

This soup is a straight Beta-Carotene bomb to start your day with. Beta-Carotene is the chemical that gives vegetables that yellow/orange color. This chemical helps your eyes to regenerate and makes your vision in the dark better. Next to that Beta-Carotene fights free radicals that recent studies connect to the start of different types of Cancer.

Unfortunately our bodies are not really efficient in storing these Beta-Carotenes without vitamin E. This is why the Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil are just as important to the soup. These two vegetable oils contain this highly important vitamin. It’s all about combining the right foods to get the best out of them!

pumpkin carrot


• Pumpkin
• Carrot
• Herb stock cubes
• Crème Fraiche
• Water
• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Olive Oil
• Cinnamon
• Sage
• Rosemary
• Pepper and Salt


1200 gr
200 gr
4 cubes (good for 2 litre)
300 ml
3 litre
5 spoons
5 spoons
a pinch
3 leaves/a table spoon
1 sprig/ a table spoon
to taste

(*) You can always change the amount to taste as long as you put at least some of every ingredient in the dish. Adding the ingredients in the right order is very important when you cook according to the five elements creating that free energy flow.

How to make

Cut the Pumpkin in halves and remove the seeds and skin. Cut it into small pieces (fitted for your blender) and throw in your stockpot. Add a pinch of Cinnamon before you add the Water. Turn on the heat underneath the pan to start boiling the water and add the Stock Cubes. Remove the Rosemary from the twig and cut it as small as you can before you add it to the soup.

Now add the Carrot to the soup in pieces about the same size as the pumpkin. The soup should be close to boiling about now. When the soup is boiling turn the fire down and let it boil for about 20 minutes until the pumpkin and carrot are soft.

When done blend the soup and add Pepper and Salt to taste. When using an enclosed blender please be careful when pouring the soup out: due to the chopping the heat will spread and the soup will be beyond the boiling point. Add the Apple Cider Vinegar, the Crème Fraiche, the Sage and the Olive Oil and give it a final blend or stir.

pumpkin soup

This soup is great for in the morning to start with, but also has its place at the dinner table. If you really want to you can add extra pepper and salt when in the bowl.

Kimi & Mark

Kimi & Mark
When Kimi and Mark met two culinary worlds collided. Raw food met pastry, health food met herbalism, Asian met Mediterranean. Soon the two were cooking together finding that the food knowledge both had gathered intertwined perfectly. Together they started looking at deepening their knowledge of food. Finding more medicinal and tasty ways to use their food. Deepening knowledge, experimenting and tasting as much as they could. In June 2015 the Chinese Philosophy about the Five Elements crossed their path and both jumped to the opportunity to learn even more about how to evolve their recipes and ways of using food. The teaching found some productive soil to grow upon and soon the two were experimenting away with this new way of cooking and all the old skills and knowledge they had. Combining these worlds at home, they started thinking about writing a blog to share their findings with the world. Buried in other projects and things to do it took until their first Yoga retreat together to start writing. With the enthusiasm for the food they created “a spoonful of…”.
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