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Good breakfast, Great day!

It is a cliché we’ve heard many times before, but it doesn’t make it less true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Most people are aware how you start your morning has a major influence on your energy throughout the day, and they’ll try to have a proper breakfast before the rest of their daily routine. Unfortunately people are often misinformed and make breakfast mistakes that result into an opposite effect; short energy boosts followed by that nasty crash before you make it to your lunch break.

When you sleep, your body get’s time to rest, heal and recover. But when you wake up, it has to get back into gear and be ready for action. Your breakfast helps your body to make that switch. A lot of people tend to do so rather aggressively, and bombard their system with caffeïne and food full of high refined sugars. Preferably eaten sometime in between showering, brushing teeth and running to work. That combination gives our body a false jumpstart. You could compare it to someone screaming ‘FIRE!!’ to quickly get you out of bed in the morning. Effective? Yes. But only for the moment. The rest of the day you’ll feel broken.

We feel that the best start is a well balanced breakfast, which will give you energy for a full day. Ofcourse you could cheat by a constant coffee and sugar intake, but that definitely won’t do you good on the long run, be it for your looks or your health.

The nicest way to wake up your body is with a warm breakfast. It’ll help to warm your stomach, so your body doesn’t waste a lot of energy doing it for you like when you eat something cold. That energy can go to parts other than just your digestion, and will last longer during the rest of the day. You’ll feel more relaxed too, because you don’t suddenly give your stomach a cold shower so to speak, but a warm bath. So a warm breakfast gives you energy, and makes you more relaxed at the same time! We think it’s a pretty sweet deal.

So whenever you wake your body up make sure your body wakes up relaxed. This gives you a more relaxed feeling during the day and therefore more energy will be available to you. Giving you the energy to enjoy those highly important after work hours.

In the next blog we will introduce you to one of our best ways to wake up our body. For now (on popular request) we start with a slightly altered old classic breakfast food recipe. As always: Five element round and with only natural sugars.

Pancakes for Breakfast


• Milk
• Flour
• Egg
• Lemon (zest and/or juice)
• Cinnamon
• Oil / Cream
• Honey


300 ml
100 gr
1 large
1 piece
a pinch
a splash / cube
to taste

Honey and lemon have such a powerhouse of benefits that between just the two we could fill a couple of blogs. For both it is wise to keep the dose down during breakfast to a certain degree, because they both have the possibility to kick-start your body. But in small doses they help you start your day with a boost. Moderation is key.

Honey and lemon are both packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungi components. Recent studies even suggest they have properties that fight cancer. The cinnamon helps against the common cold, helps you fight infections and even helps relieving muscle spasms (like bowel cramps).

All in all this recipe supplies your body with a range of anti-disease weapons at the start of your day. Not to mention that these three components also have a great benefit on skin and hair!

How to make

Pour the milk in a large bowl, add a pinch of Cinnamon and the Egg. Loosen the egg yolk and whisk through the milk. Then add the zest and/or Lemon juice and whisk again. Then slowly add the flour to the milk until you have a nice batter. If your batter is a bit thick, this is the point where you can add a bit more milk.

Heat a bit of oil or butter in your baking pan and bake the pancakes until golden brown. Serve warm and add honey (or if you prefer maple syrup/apple syrup/cream butter) to taste.


Kimi & Mark

Kimi & Mark
When Kimi and Mark met two culinary worlds collided. Raw food met pastry, health food met herbalism, Asian met Mediterranean. Soon the two were cooking together finding that the food knowledge both had gathered intertwined perfectly. Together they started looking at deepening their knowledge of food. Finding more medicinal and tasty ways to use their food. Deepening knowledge, experimenting and tasting as much as they could. In June 2015 the Chinese Philosophy about the Five Elements crossed their path and both jumped to the opportunity to learn even more about how to evolve their recipes and ways of using food. The teaching found some productive soil to grow upon and soon the two were experimenting away with this new way of cooking and all the old skills and knowledge they had. Combining these worlds at home, they started thinking about writing a blog to share their findings with the world. Buried in other projects and things to do it took until their first Yoga retreat together to start writing. With the enthusiasm for the food they created “a spoonful of…”.
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