Figs and Gorgonzola, Rucola Salad

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Fresh Figs, Gorgonzola and Rucola. Delicious salad for a lazy afternoon.

If you are following Kimi on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen some pictures of the Villa Carpe Diem 2015 yoga retreat, a truly magical experience. Beautiful individuals coming together in a colorful paradise, dynamic yoga practices, connecting circles and delicious food.

After repeated requests for the recipes during the week, we decided to start sharing our creations which are based on the five elements through blogs. The first ten recipes are the selected favorites of the people who joined Villa Carpe Diem. We will do our best to upload a recipe blog every week or so and hope that you’ll enjoy this yummy journey with us.

During the retreat Mark had the lovely and challenging opportunity to cook for ten people, three meals a day. Our aim was to make at least one dish per meal five element round. Months before the retreat we started gathering inspiration, planning, creating and rewriting recipes. However, after arriving in Calpe (Spain) we found out that the local supermarkets offered such a different range of products that the planning ended up to be useless. Results were that we had to improvise almost everything.

The Spanish supermarkets are an absolute joy for the food lovers among us. The fruits are fresh and sweet. The vegetables are just ripe enough and things like oil and vinegar are of a high quality we don’t often see in a supermarket.

Having to work with the supplies available in the supermarket, we sure had a lucky week: a high supply in fresh figs! It would have been a shame to let that opportunity pass by.

Enough said, let’s talk food! here is our first, most favorite salad on the retreat, recipe:

The ‘One more helping’ Fig Salad!


– Rucola (Rocket)
– Fresh figs
– Gorgonzola
– Apple cider vinegar
– Extra Virging olive oil
– Rosemary
– Seasalt


300 gr
6 pieces
100 gr
3 spoons full
2 spoons full
A twig (fresh)
A pinch

(*) You can always change the amount to taste as long as you put at least some of every ingredient in the dish. Adding the ingredients in the right order is very important when you cook according to the five elements.

This highly tasty salad is a combination of foods that have high health benefits. Figs for example are high on fibers and vitamin B6, where the Gorgonzola is high on minerals like calcium, phosphorus and B12.The Rucola helps your body to release toxins. This salad is great at all occasions but the best for those lazy afternoons (especially after a hangover): simple to make and a great way to make up with your body.

How to make

Make sure the Rucola is clean and dry before you put it in a bowl.

Cut the Figs in small pieces, make sure you let the knife do the cutting and you do not squeese them to pulp. Then add to the Rucola.

Crumble the Gorgonzola. The easiest way of doing this is pressing it between your cuttingboard and the flat side of your knife. A lot of the natural structure will then be held and only a little more crumbling by hand needs to be done.

After adding the Gorgonzola add a pinch of Seasalt and the Apple Cider vinegar. Top off with the freshly cut Rosemary and the Olive Oil. Toss the salad around and enjoy!

Share your version of this salad and keep an eye on this page to read more recipes and food stories.

Kimi & Mark

Kimi & Mark
When Kimi and Mark met two culinary worlds collided. Raw food met pastry, health food met herbalism, Asian met Mediterranean. Soon the two were cooking together finding that the food knowledge both had gathered intertwined perfectly. Together they started looking at deepening their knowledge of food. Finding more medicinal and tasty ways to use their food. Deepening knowledge, experimenting and tasting as much as they could. In June 2015 the Chinese Philosophy about the Five Elements crossed their path and both jumped to the opportunity to learn even more about how to evolve their recipes and ways of using food. The teaching found some productive soil to grow upon and soon the two were experimenting away with this new way of cooking and all the old skills and knowledge they had. Combining these worlds at home, they started thinking about writing a blog to share their findings with the world. Buried in other projects and things to do it took until their first Yoga retreat together to start writing. With the enthusiasm for the food they created “a spoonful of…”.
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