Day at the Market

 In Kimi's Food Hunt

Collecting greens at the Local Market in The Hague

You will be amazed with what you can bring home from the market with just twenty euro in your pocket.

I love visiting markets: shopping in the fresh air, good atmosphere, fresh products and it’s much cheaper than the supermarkets. I often hear people saying that it is too expensive to eat healthier and I understand them when I walk around in a supermarket. Sometimes large food brands seem to be pushing you to eat unhealthy by offering crappy products for a small price, but when we take some time and a bit of creativity eating clean is easier than you expect. Just take a step out of your local supermarket and see for yourself.

My first advise is to visit a market without a plan or shopping list. Just roam around, enjoy your little trip and see what products are available for a low price at that moment. These generally are the products that are easily accessible in this season. Eating these foods means that you are getting closer to nature, because you will be eating according to how Mother Earth is providing us. Eating with the seasons is healthier, cheaper and much more fun!

This is my bounty from this weeks treasure hunt at the local market in The Hague with only twenty euros in the pocket:

A box of strawberries
1 kilo Blood Oranges
1 kilo Pears
100 gram Pine Nuts
2 big balls of Red Garlic
5 Avocados
2 Mangos
1 kilo Leaf Oranges
1 big Papaya
2 Pineapples
1 Honey Melon
2 Zucchini
A box with Carrots
2 bunches of Pak Soi
2 bunches of Romana Lettuce
540 gram of Fresh Salmon

food hunt

Not bad huh? Not bad at all! Most on the list was only one euro. Now my kitchen is overflowing with greens and colorful fruits. The biggest challenge was to get everything stored away. This week I’m all set for delicious fresh smoothies, salads and other recipes.

This morning I started with bananas, which I already had at home, and pineapple. I mixed them up with some greens in the blender to start of my day with a boost. The blood oranges turned into a sweet and beautiful pink lemonade while other fruit pieces where dipped into a bath of pure chocolate. A delicious and colorful Easter lunch to surprise my mom with!

green smoothie
Fruits and Chocolate

It’s not like I’m not going to the supermarket at all. I just know that getting most of my products elsewhere is much cheaper and fresher. Not to forget, I really enjoy food hunts! They always feel like an adventure. You never know with what kind of bounty you are going home this time.

Being creative while buying your food is an art. Food should be a passion and cooking a daily meditation.

~ Kimi

Kimi is a true student of life. Trying to find out first hand as much as she can and learning from those around her through sharing past experiences whenever possible. She takes the world on with a smile, both the good and the bad, for all of it combined that teaches us compassion and ultimately enables us to understand one another. Full of energy and love for her fellow man, she strives to bring smiles to those she comes into contact with. Kimi is convinced that happiness is not just for the lucky ones, and she wants to spread joy with her example.
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