“Where to begin to thank Kim for the greatest gift of life she so freely gives? It is the gift of stretching towards and reaching growth – growth lived and felt by every fiber of one’s body, and which can then blossom in every other area of life, too. She so delightfully embodies that which she teaches, and this is the true essence of a teacher. Kim teaches by example, by skill, by energy, by love, by joy and so much more, including realness. Her eyes are wells of playful generosity. Her words – and her silence – are also rich in meaning. Her youth belies her wisdom, which is profound and yet, or therefore, simple and pure.
Kim has inspired me to embark on a journey that is already proving to be a turning point in my life. I am emerging from our 4/5-day retreat with a sense of amazing richness and overwhelming power and beauty. I will forever resonate with what I have learned from Kim and our retreat in Gavorrano, Italy.

With the deepest and purest gratitude and love,

Scott (from Hannover, Germany)

P.S. Kimi is also such a blast (and a mind-blowing singer)!”

“Kim is a wonderful person. She’s full of energy, is not afraid to go with the flow, and has a lot of love to give. She’s been all around the world, has lived amazing experiences, and feels wiser than her age would make you think. That doesn’t mean she’s not a crazy hippie, and that’s awesome.”

Nicolas (from Nice, France)

“Kimi is very inspirative person, first time we met in Miami and I was really glad I could meet such an independent, funny, smart and brave girl. The second meeting was in Bratislava and I got to know her little bit more, I also admire her professional ideas and really agree with the motto of her yoga classes: “Change is limitless”. Good to meet you and thank for the inspiration. Hope to see you soon.”

Anna (from Bratislava, Slovakia)

“Kim is an amazing girl!!! She is full energy, smiles and positive life attitude! I love her sense of humour, her strong heart and her relaxed mind! She is also very much into what she’s doing making the best of everything and turning it into real passion! Really… one of the greatest personalities I’ve ever met.”

Violeta (from Sofia, Bulgaria)

“I had only done a few yoga classes, while still in doubt if yoga was even for me, when I joined my first class with Kim. Her classes really touched me and inspired me to continue practicing yoga on a regular base. She is such a vibrant person, full of energy and creativity. She approaches life with a smile, subconsciously teaching others to be accepting and non-judgemental, while keeping it light-hearted. She stands out, which is not only my personal opinion; her group- classes are always full far in advance! My personal favorite classes are on the beach doing a playful (acro) practice which I always really look forward to. She even managed, surprisingly, to get my partner enthusiastic to join for the acro yoga sessions! 😉
I am happy to have met you, and wish you all the best. I hope to be doing many yoga practices with you still in the future!”

Nicole (from The Hague, Netherlands)

“During my ayurveda-treatment at UTMT resort in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to attend around 30 of Kimi’s Yoga classes. I have been practicing Yoga for 6 years, and Kimi is really the best and most inspiring teacher I met so far for so many reasons: First she is so versatile! Beside her amazing Vinyasa classes with Yin Yoga elements I learned several new Yoga styles like Acro-, Partner-, Thai Massage- and Boxing Yoga. I hadn’t even known about the existence of the last two before. Kimi’s unique energy and ability to explain and align the postures of her students perfectly got my practice to a totally new level.
Kimi’s knowledge of the interaction of exercise with the human body also amazed me. She could explain the benefits of each posture in detail or adjusted the postures to the personal needs of her student according injuries.

So enough about the physical side, what really makes Kimi unique is her strong personality and her connection to her students!
In each class Kimi felt the energy of the group and adjusted her flow accordingly. So we ended up either in a powerful class or in a calmer class with many stretching or yin postures. The latter often was the case in the early morning classes. And wishes for the physical focus of classes were very welcome, resulting in terms like “core class” or “ass class” :-). This shows how humor and laughter were welcome as a part of each class. Kimi wants everybody to have fun while exercising.

Beside the physical part of Yoga, the elements of philosophy and meditation have a big value in Kimi’s classes. She took the time to study this in a Philippine temple, which you notice by her saying very mature and thoughtful things during the practice, giving you an impulse to think things through as well.

All in all, I got inspired in so many ways and really miss the special Kimi Yoga (a new fusion type of Yoga I forgot to mention;-)). I can just hope our paths will cross again soon!
I am happy to have met you, and wish you all the best. I hope to be doing many yoga practices with you still in the future!”

Jenifer Schneidereit (from Germany)

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