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‘A spoonful of…’

We would like to believe that all parents do their best to keep their children healthy by making sure they eat nutritious food. They already realize the benefits proper eating can have on our body. However, the lengthy discussions about finishing healthy food at the dinner table appears to stay an ever recurring scene. Be it Brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, beets or any other type of food you do not (really) like, eating healthy always seems to boil down to a struggle. More and more often when we look around it is surprisingly easy to never really eat healthy at all.

We all know that what we put into our bodies has an high impact on our health, both physically and mentally. Still many people don’t know how, or plainly refuse using their meals to benefit their body and mainly focus on taste and filling their bellies. Food should be considered more as an medication for the body than just intake of energy to function/survive. Unfortunately, making the transition to healthy eating often comes down to that same childhood argument: not liking the taste of certain healthy foods.

It was back in 1964 that Mary Poppins sang to us how difficult it is to take your awful tasting medicine and how to solve this issue: “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Of course adding a spoonful of sugar to everything is a sure way to get yourself in a bad place really fast, but it raises an important question: If we don’t like the taste of something, why not make it taste better? Why do we leave so many good foods out of our lives just because we do not want to bother with making it more tasty?

Making food yummy and healthy is quite easy when you know the different philosophies and sciences behind it. Nowadays there are all kinds of beneficial ways to alter your food intake, all kinds of studies and diets that suggest a way to become healthier. Some of them work for you while others might not at all. Everybody reacts differently to certain things. We mustn’t forget that all bodies are different. Therefore the number one rule in food always should be: listen to your own body!

In the ‘a spoonful of…’ blogs we will be using the five element round medicinal cooking because we found it the best (and tastiest) way to get ourselves more healthy, eating a wide variety of food without sacrificing the delicious flavors we grew to love. Not having to steer (completely) away from anything in particular (like carbs, sugars, fats, alcohol, etc.)

What is five element round medicinal cooking?

Based on old eastern philosophy, five element cooking helps you to gain balance in your live by adjusting the energy flow of your food. All ingredients are connected to one of the five elements. All elements have an order in which they flow freely: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. By keeping the elements (ingredients) in order and paying attention to the Yin and Yang thermal values of food we can create energetic food which is healing for the body. Free flowing Yin and/or Yang in the right situations and times of the day creates a better balance in life. Getting rid of energy blockades and crashes through our day.

For example: Sometimes we resort to food or snacks that quickly gives us energy and perks us up, like coffee in the morning. a chocolate bars or some crisps. These quickly provide us with energy, but we crash soon after. If we would choose the healthier option like greens and nuts we’d be able to feel energized thorough the day. Say goodbye to your highs and lows during the day. We can choose to create a balance and feel good all day long with a proper energy flow.

!! Seeing the recipes are made five elements round it is important to follow the ingredient order in the instructions to the letter to have the maximum effect of the food.!!

Next to all this we love to use the medicinal qualities of food to get the body in an optimal state. Seeing every kind of food can have its own benefits on your body it is important to realize there is a whole natural pharmacy available to us. Mother nature helped us out over evolution, but by now most of us have forgotten the power she has. This means a waste of perfectly good and tasty opportunities to help our body be more healthy in easy ways.

We will be combining these two worlds in these blogs, hoping to help people to become more comfortable in their bodies while enjoying the tastes of lovely food. If you have a recipe you would like us to have a look at or a request for a certain health benefit: feel free to contact us.

!!NOTE: Five element round medicinal cooking is meant to help your body become more balanced in a tasty way and is NOT a replacement of medication or doctors advise. Even if you get rid of ailments due to healthier eating/living, ALWAYS consult with a specialist before stopping with medication!

Here is a simple tea for those with unhappy bellies to give you an idea of the benefits our recipes can have.

Happy Belly Tea

This rather simple tea is a very tasty combination of powerful herbs which all have great benefits for the bowels. Try to use the ingredients as fresh as possible for maximum effect. The amount of the ingredients depends on your own taste. Feel free to play around with the quantities. Just make sure to add all the ingredients in the mentioned order. This will make the bowels become more peaceful and helps (relieve) all kinds of lower bowel complaints, like for example: Diarrhea, bloating and constipation.
Moderation is always key when it comes to using herbs for their medicinal qualities, when you use this tea too often it will lose effect or other problems may occur. (For example switching constipation for diarrhea) Make sure you always listen to your body first.

Ingredients: Ginger, Hot water, Lemon juice, Sage, Mint, Honey.

Enjoy and let us know if this tea works for you!

Kimi & Mark

Kimi & Mark
When Kimi and Mark met two culinary worlds collided. Raw food met pastry, health food met herbalism, Asian met Mediterranean. Soon the two were cooking together finding that the food knowledge both had gathered intertwined perfectly. Together they started looking at deepening their knowledge of food. Finding more medicinal and tasty ways to use their food. Deepening knowledge, experimenting and tasting as much as they could. In June 2015 the Chinese Philosophy about the Five Elements crossed their path and both jumped to the opportunity to learn even more about how to evolve their recipes and ways of using food. The teaching found some productive soil to grow upon and soon the two were experimenting away with this new way of cooking and all the old skills and knowledge they had. Combining these worlds at home, they started thinking about writing a blog to share their findings with the world. Buried in other projects and things to do it took until their first Yoga retreat together to start writing. With the enthusiasm for the food they created “a spoonful of…”.
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